Throwing Mechanics

Practice does not make perfect – PERFECT practice makes perfect. Breaking down mechanics, making sure everything is done correctly from the ground up, and addressing small issues is what makes a big difference in the long run.

Back in May I received a great question from Coach Tommy Rincon of Sluggers Softball in Roswell, NM asking about throwing mechanics. Check out our exchange below for some tips on how to make sure your softball players are throwing correctly and accurately:


Question: I have a few girls that I can’t get to their elbows up when they throw. ¬†All they do is this strange side-arm and I can’t get them to break it. Any tips? Thanks for any help.

Coach Lou: Thanks for your comment!

The best thing is the break down the throw and retrain the muscle memory.

This video with the UCF coach is great – and is a drill we do very often. Beginning at 1:13 really combats against the side arm. Our big saying is always “elbow above the armpit.” If you pause the video at 1:16 you’ll see that the elbow is above the armpit and the ball isn’t facing the target – it’s facing away – which helps with the wrist snapping over the top of the body as opposed to coming around from the side. We also encourage our players to “bow” at their target afterward to make sure they follow through and again are coming from above instead of from the side.


By isolating an issue (FYI: this is something girls and boys alike do – they tend to want to throw side arm or short armed because it feels like they’re getting rid of the ball faster – but in the end it can lead to injury and overthrows) you can pinpoint exactly where control is being lost.

Feel free to comment with any further questions or ask about other drills to help with fielding (or hitting!)


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